How Virtual Assistants can save you money

According to an article, Virtual assistants offer as much as 50% improvement in productivity compared to those who do not work virtually since the majority of remote workers are less distracted at home than they would be in the office – promoting focus and results in getting things done. VAs can produce higher-quality output at … Read more

How Virtual Assistants Get It Done

In 1996, Anastacia Brice made a phone call with Thomas Leonard – a conversation they shared was then described as “virtual assistance”. Anastacia used the term for a new rising career where one works from home for an international client, she founded the first virtual assistant company in 1997 called “AssistU”. Virtual assistants can complete … Read more

Why Lawyers Need Virtual Assistants

In the ALM Intelligence 2022 Mental Health and Substance Abuse Survey that was conducted among 3,400 respondents working in law firms – 35% stated that they feel depressed; 64% said that their relationships have suffered as a result of being a member of the legal profession; and factors that negatively impact the lawyers’ mental well-being … Read more

How to use Virtual Assistants to get your work done

Legal Support Help assists law firms by providing them with outsourced virtual assistants who do administrative work.  Everyday attorneys spend their time doing lower dollar per hour tasks that while necessary, are highly administrative and time consuming.  If they delegated these lower level tasks rather than doing them themselves, they would free themselves up to … Read more

How Legal Support Help’s Personal Approach Works

We learn about your business needs and match you to a virtual assistant (VA) that specializes in the tasks that you are requesting. Not every person is good at everything. Perhaps someone is better at math-related tasks, design work, Microsoft Excel, etc.  We screen the virtual assistants prior to them joining our team and we … Read more

How to Work with a Virtual Assistant

There are various and creative ways on how to work with your VA. Our clients use ways such as Email, Skype, telephone, Google Hangouts, Whatsapp, Slack, screen share programs, screenshots, videos, tutorials, checklists, case management software, or any type of communication available.

Some great tips:

  • Make a list of what tasks you would like your VA to handle
  • Take the time to check their work. We always want to give you the best VA team but also remember that they are humans as well. Always be sure that a task is done correctly and to your standards so we can be sure to provide the best service.  Also to make sure they are on the right track.
  • Patience is key when first working with VA’s. They need to understand your needs just as much as you need to understand what they are capable of doing. One task at a time in the beginning. Work together to get a system going. Develop a 30-day plan to see if they are the right fit for your company.  
  • Communicate and be clear on what you are asking to be done. We always say to over-communicate with your VA. Be clear on your instructions to avoid mistakes. It may take some time to go over what is needed but it’ll save you time from fixing a mistake that could’ve been prevented from the beginning.
  • Use an email thread of communication to document what you asked for. That way it’s easy for the VA to go back to the thread (instead of bothering you with same questions) if clarification is needed.  Better yet, develop systems, checklists, and processes for how you do things. Every business should have systems, processes, and checklists to minimize mistakes and streamline processes.
  • Allow them to ask questions
  • Be realistic on time. VA’s aren’t superheroes BUT they will try their best to be a close second. When assigning a task, give them enough time to create detailed work vs trying to get them to rush into something that might cost you a lot of money in the future

Reasons Why You Need a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants will assist you with day to day tasks of your law firm or business. We can work remotely and virtually and we can help you streamline your organization by doing the following: Lower your overhead and save on office space by hiring one of our virtual assistants – you do not need additional … Read more

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