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Clients Testimonials

Our goal is to exceed your expectations.
Our multi-skilled Virtual Assistants are dedicated to completing the tasks you delegate, ensuring that they are completed on time so you can focus on more important matters.

Jarrod Personal Injury Law

I am satisfied with supervisor Ace. He answers all our questions in a timely manner and follows up to questions we ask him. I really appreciate the follow up.

La Kwanza Paralegal

The summaries of the medical records for the demands have been very thorough and has allowed me to service the clients quicker. Supervisor Yas has been very helpful in this process. Your company is the first company I've ever used for virtual work and I am glad I gave you all a try.

Breanna Family Law

Gwen is amazing. She is 100% the reason I have stayed with LSH and the reason I have referred others to LSH. She is an excellent liason for my company and a great manager for the va's that have been placed with me.

Dan Business Law

I am happy we are at with the consistent (financial) reporting. I am very satisfied. Franco is very approachable. He is very kind and patient person.

Russell Estate Planning & Elder Law

You may consider hiring a zapier VA. I have one through legal support help that is excellent. Nicson is fantastic. Happy to share my experience.

Adrienne Case Manager

Ivan bends over backward to help me and is extremely skilled (with Filevine customization).

Michelle Litigation Attorney

Andre is amazing, thorough and we consider him to be family. I'm very happy with the service. I have recommended you all every chance I get.

Savanna Medical Facility

Oscar whenever I need something he is there. He is always willing to be there when I need help with something and do more when asked.

Alice Personal Injury & Employment Law

Chyr is an awesome, bright, very competent assistant, as well as a TEAM PLAYER with great motivation and organizational skills. Chyr is punctual, hard-working and shows initiative in his work and tasks.

Bryan Family Law & Personal Injury Attorney

Irish has gone above and beyond my expectations with recommendations on how to best streamline our billing and collections processes.

Merlyne Business and Entertainment Law

Margarette is the best assistant I have ever had. I have looked long and hard to find someone like her and am so glad you provided the opportunity for me to do so. She is super intelligent, process esan extraordinary amount of information well, and is personable. My only wish that I could have her work more hours.

Ryan Business Law

I didn't have high expectations, as this was my first time in a situation like this, but Christian is superb, and I'm looking forward to making him a bigger part of my team.

Tamarra Personal Injury Law

If I could rate May a 6 I would. She has become a critical member of our team. She is detail oriented, communicates very well to me and is overall amazing!

    Delegating tasks effectively

    can lessen your workload and stress levels. It also gives you the time and ability to focus on higher-level tasks. Delegation improves efficiency, productivity, and time management.

    What makes us unique?


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    Cost Comparison

    Companies have lost hundreds of billions of dollars annually in employee time theft. An employee spends around 50% or more of their day on non-work related distractions. Time wasted is money lost - money that could be saved and used to grow your business by simply changing how you assign tasks remotely to our Virtual Assistants.

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