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VAs Success Stories

We are not just client-oriented. We also ensure that our Virtual Assistants receive the best possible training, support, and incentives so they can continuously grow their career with us and build a long-term relationship with their assigned clients.

“Being a VA with Lsh was very delightful, it was my first experience as a freelancer and working remotely from home. The training I received was amazing to understand all the tasks that were expected of me when I was assigned a client. I am amazed that I never heard of LSH sooner, I would have loved to be a part of this company sooner, they offer great pay rate, bonuses, hours, and most of all great teamwork. Someone is always available to lend a helping hand and make sure you are transitioning smoothly. They also boost your opportunities by fomenting greater Job opportunities whether it’s for LSH or for your client directly they always push you to be your hardest. I recommend LSH to the fullest because in this company I found what I had never found in any other company. The support, the teamwork, and most of all the passion to help you become a super VA. I worked for about 10 months with LSH when my client extended their wishes to have me on their team directly and LSh strived to make that happen and always supported every single one of my decisions. I highly recommend This teamworking family called LSH!!!!”

“It has been nothing but good working here since day 1. Being switched to a new client and project not knowing what I would be doing was worrisome but I welcomed the challenge and learned what my role was and paid attention to small details. It’s just a great experience here and meeting new people and building a great work relationship.”

“My life as a VA has given me opportunities to develop my skills and learn new ones necessary to complete the job. It has given me the freedom to work in my own place, at my own time. Working remotely gave me the flexibility to create a perfect balanced lifestyle as long as I put the necessary hard work and consistency on it.”

“Legal Support Help had an impact on my career as a Virtual Assistant because I learned a great deal of administrative fundamentals as well as technical and advanced topics. In addition to studying numerous CRMs and applications.”

“I can still remember how hesitant I was at first to enter the VA industry. I was scared to try since I don’t have any experience being an assistant. I am glad I took the risk. I can definitely say that I am in a better place now. Working in Legal Support Help doesn’t feel like work at all since I am enjoying my job and learning a lot at the same time. I am able to maintain a healthy work-life balance because I am working from home. I am thankful to be part of this family.”

“LSH has the biggest trust among people. They will give you an opportunity to grow and an excellent experience being a part of one of the biggest law firms. They will also guide you through different training sessions to refresh your knowledge and enhance your communication skills. I’m glad that I am able to be part of this company and experience my growth with them.”

“I have been through a lot lately, almost to the point of drowning. But, never once this family let me down. I felt loved, treasured and cared for.  In my darkest days, LSH became my anchor. I’ve worked with several other companies in the past, but none of them made me feel they got my back. LSH did more! I have made up my mind working here until forever. Why? It’s more than just your bread and butter. It’s a buffet! If you’re one of us now, then tell yourself you just got lucky. Everything here is amazing!”

“Working at LSH is such a big blessing; it helps a lot to boost my knowledge and skills. I look forward to being part of this journey for many years to come.”

“I’ve been working with LSH for about a year, and I have nothing but positive things to say. I should have applied for this position sooner if I were to compare my experience to my prior position as a team leader in a BPO company. My friend has been urging me to apply, but I have been hesitant because I have no prior VA experience. But when I arrived here, they welcomed me with open arms. To the upcoming newbies, be resilient and always have integrity every time you work, and I’m pretty sure you will be rewarded.”

“I’ve been with bpo for almost 10years before joining LSH. Before, I used to travel almost 2hrs going to the office, riding public transportation 3x from home to office back and forth. The travel time alone costs so much of my sleep time. I felt restless every day. I felt 24hours is not enough for me to be productive. This routine is not even worth the salary I’m getting,  it’s exhausting and unhealthy for me. But now with LSH, I get to work at the comfort of my home. I have enough time to sleep and enough time to spend with my family and friends, indeed a work life balance. My client is an angel, who has helped me alot since I started from scratch. He trained me well and he made my tasks so seamless. My POC also never fails to mentor me along the way, she’s not just helping me with work but also with personal goals. I get all the help I need from the team. I grew a lot with LSH. Before, i’m one of those who only existed to pay bills  but now, I’m able to travel a lot and make good memories and also save some for investment.”

“At first I was a bit skeptical to accept the job offer, since I was furloughed. But they gave me a great chance which I took. And now here I am at the peak of my career and trying to reach more. I am forever grateful to LSH and to the admins.”

“I am so blessed to be part of the LSH team because, prior to joining the company, finding a stable work-from-home job was never easy. Only a few clients, companies, or VA agencies would give chances to those individuals who are trying to switch careers, but thank God I was chosen among others who applied back then. I knew that I could adapt to this type of industry, but I’m not saying that it’s going to be easy; it never was. This has had a huge impact on our lives—to my family and especially to myself—because prior to this, my life evolved in the corporate BPO world for more than eight years, and I should say that I had really ups and downs there too, and it was more shaken when the pandemic happened, which hurt our economy so badly. So we were part of the affected individuals who lost our jobs back then without knowing what the future holds. I had to move on from that event in my life, and I have been doing my best to look for work-from-home opportunities since 2020. I found a very low-paying project-based WFH job, but I got hit with a severe COVID-19 infection in August 2021, which was one of the scariest moments of my life. I almost died, but thank God again, I survived. After I got discharged from the hospital, my health was not really the same as prior to COVID, so I decided to let go of that job because I had to focus on my full recovery. It was really tough physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, and spiritually, but I never lost hope in God’s ability to make everything fine in His time. So when I was already recovering from COVID, I was able to find another work-from-home opportunity, and I thought that I could really last for long on that job because it was a day-shift job. But I was wrong. Another disappointment, but I never stopped until the LSH-VLF opportunity came. When I was still in training, I’d really focus on what the trainer taught us, but I knew that I couldn’t remember all of them, even if I was already endorsed to work with a client. To my surprise, I was the first virtual legal assistant who was endorsed to work with a client directly. There was a bit of consciousness in me that I would be working directly with a client with whom I had no background on who they were or what they did aside from being a law firm. I also had the anticipation that I would only work for them part-time and not full-time. I didn’t want that because I need a full-time job. To cut a long story short, I was so thankful that my POC is Ace because, in one way or another, God uses him to be part of my journey with Buchanan Law Firm. On the initial interview, I didn’t expect that they wanted me full-time right away, and when I started with them, I was so amazed to know that the tools they are using are somehow similar to the previous tools that I got to work with before, so the adjustment is not that difficult. The highlight, of course, is when the time passes that I’ve been with Buchanan Law Firm and I just realize how good God is because Deena Buchanan and the rest of the firm are so good to me. In every step they take, I am part of it. They always make me feel like I belong and am really part of the firm. They even put my face and name on our website. God knows how hard I work every single day to have an awesome relationship with this client, not just with the tasks that they are giving me, but I always let them know that in case they need me, I will always be there. I have so many friends who are working right now with law firms remotely, and I thought I’d already given up this dream of working with a law firm remotely someday, but God let it happen. This may not be the same as a high-paying job, as with my friend’s companies, but I am happy to work for this company every day with no doubts, fears, or even hesitations that I could ask myself if I still have a job the next day. In terms of the financial aspect, it’s not that much, but I should say somehow I’m now able to help my wife with the expenses here at home, especially with the monthly dues. So, thank you so much, LSH, Ace, and SV!”

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