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4 Easy Steps

NOW is the time. Increase your business productivity and efficiency in 4 easy steps!

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Sign Staffing Agreement ​

Sign Staffing Agreement

Once we’ve gone over the details with you and walked you through our process, we’ll present you with a staffing agreement, tailored to your company’s needs. 

Initial Meeting

Initial Meeting

Schedule a meeting with our expert team to get to know our services better and find a virtual assistant that fits your needs. Don’t worry about the detailswe’ll go over our process with you. 

SOP and Knowledge Transfer

During the final stage of our process, we’ll make sure that we provide your new virtual assistant with any operating procedures or starting knowledge necessary to make the best impact on your firm.

An intake specialist is speaking with a client.

Client and VA Onboarding

All of our Virtual Assistants are ready to assist your company with any support tasks you need. We’ll make sure both you and your potential new hire are onboarded and ready to get started as smoothly as possible.

Tools and Applications

Tools and applications familiarity, as well as navigation proficiency, are essential for being productive and efficient. Here are some of the tools and applications that our clients and Virtual Assistants utilize.