Sandy Van

CEO of Legal Support Help

Sandy Van, CEO of Legal Support Help, has 11 yrs of experience as a Lawyer and Realtor. She has used virtual assistant help for over a decade and knows what leveraging her time has done for her businesses and her sanity. With experience working alongside hundreds of virtual assistants, she knows what attorneys, medical professionals (Sandy has worked with many medical professionals in the personal injury arena), and Realtors are looking for in an assistant.

Every day, law firms, medical facilities, and businesses spend their time doing tasks that are necessary but highly administrative, mundane, routine, and time-consuming. They end up spending money on overtime if they want to either finish projects, generate business, or to keep their current clients happy. As a business owner, there are more productive ways to use your time on the more valuable higher-dollar per hour tasks rather than spending it on administrative work. Leveraging your time so that you can focus on primary activities is what drives higher income and closes more deals.

  • Founded in 2018
  • Setting standards in legal and medical outsourcing
  • Easy process to outsource your administrative needs
  • Providing great customer service at affordable rates

Mission: To find and match talent with businesses and provide businesses with leverage so that they can regain their freedom and have the ability to grow while reducing their costs.

Your satisfaction is our goal. Let us help you grow your business today.


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