Legal Support Help



• Reception handling (e.g. general inquiries, SMS and voicemail management)

• Leads Management (e.g. chase, screening for consultation, intake potential clients, qualify leads, research/data mining potential clients, active campaign, click funnel)

• Intake (e.g. conflict check, background check, police report request, draft & send agreement, setting-up client profile on CMS, Binders)

• Email Management (e.g. sorting client/law firm emails, coordinating priority emails to client, responding on behalf of client/law firm)

• File Management (e.g. saving, renaming, and organizing files)

• Calendar Management (plotting and monitoring schedules, deadlines, and reminders)

• Appointment Setting (e.g. schedule consultation, calling parties to schedule meetings/appointments)

• Basic PDF Formatting (e.g. combine multiple docs into 1 pdf, insert/remove pages, modify the text, highlights, comment boxes, arrows, upload e-signature)

• Advanced PDF Formatting (e.g. redact and sanitize, run OCR text recognition, bate stamping, bookmarking, compress file)

• Advanced Word Doc Formatting (e.g. formatting contracts, compliance guides)

• Tech Assistant (e.g. troubleshooting back-end tools and apps such as phone system, google workspace, and the like)

• Personal Assistant (non-case related tasks such as booking, purchasing, and the like)

• Transcriptionist (transcribing recording to text document)

• Translators (translating communications from Spanish to English and vice versa)

• Accounting (e.g. bookkeeping & payroll processing)

• Billing / Replenishment (e.g. enter billable hours, time entries, expenses, fund requests)

• Invoicing / Settlement (e.g. prepare, generate, send, and follow-up invoices/final amount to issue of the client, process payment)

• Drafting Pre-Litigation Letters (e.g. LOR, Reduction Request, Disbursement letters)

• Subrogation (e.g. opening Subro claims, requesting liens, following up subro claim)

• Insurance Communication (e.g. communicating with insurance for set-up claims, representation, policy limit, and other correspondence)

• Other Parties Communication (e.g. communicating with Defendant’s Attorney, Witnesses, Court, Judge)

• Client Communication (e.g. communicating with client after retention for reminders/updates/status)

• CMS Updating for case updates and status

• Case Audit (e.g. reviewing cases to spot missing requirements on each phase)

• Drafting Legal Documents using client templates (e.g. Pleadings, Motions, Discovery propounds, Complaints, Mediation docs)

• e-Filing / Mailing Legal Documents

• Basic Legal Research (e.g. background investigation, conflict check, location tracing)

• Transcriptionist (transcribing recording to text document)

• Translation (translating comms Spanish to English and vice versa)

• Basic Medical Provider Communication (e.g. billing & records request and follow-up via phone, fax, email, and e-portal)

• Advance Medical Provider Communication (e.g. treatment and medication set-up, balance verification, PIP, Liens, bills amount reduction request, and follow-up)

• Drafting Medical Summary (e.g. Narrative, Chronology, Itemization)

• Drafting Demand (e.g. Billing Summary, Narrative, Mileage, and Wage Loss Computation)

• Review bills & records for exhibit (e.g. redaction, bookmarking, bate stamping)

We have catered to clients using Filevine, Clio, Lawcus, Documate, MyCase and other case management software. Let us help you fully utilize your CMS, some of the customizations we can assist you with are:

• Project Type Template
• Merge Documents
• Task Flows
• Document Generation
• Fusion Reports
• Deadline Chains
• Auto Hashtags

Some of the items we have automated are:

• Efilings

• KPI reporting

• Drip newsletter campaigns

• Lead notification

• Mail and fax notification

• When a retainer is signed

• Birthday greetings

Case Studies

Legal Support Help is dedicated to connecting highly skilled virtual assistants with law firms to help streamline your organization.

Companies lose hundreds of billions of dollars annually in employee time theft because employees can spend 50% or more of their day on non-work related distractions.

Hiring is one of the biggest expenses for a company, and hiring the wrong candidate can cost an organization 10 times more than what you paid them. Legal Support Help vets virtual assistants and provides paid training on administrative tasks for several weeks prior to working for your company. This training includes basic legal 101, internships in a law firm, and upskilling for advanced learning, which prepares them for diverse roles.

Delegating highly administrative, mundane, routine, and time-consuming tasks to remote virtual assistants saves firms money and allows attorneys to focus on more valuable, higher-dollar-per-hour tasks, thus growing the business.

By delegating these essential, recurring, and tedious administrative tasks to remote virtual assistants, attorneys can improve company productivity and free up their time to focus on key activities that drive higher income. Hiring virtual assistants gives you the freedom to do more important tasks, work less, serve your clients at a more affordable cost, and increase the value of your billable hours.

We have been providing quality, fully virtual assistants to both the legal field since 2018. Our challenge was to provide assistants who specialize in customer service and possess fanatical attention to detail.

Hiring one of our virtual assistants can save your company between 43-50% on salary costs per employee, ultimately saving your company tens of thousands of dollars annually.

We have built our company by using a referral system based on client feedback. Every time a customer refers another client, they both receive 10% off their next bi-weekly bill. We have been able to build our outreach with this program as it encourages clients not only to actively use our services but to also refer others to do the same. Increasing our client outreach is one of our top priorities.