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DocGen and Automation: Tools for Law Firms

How can DocGen and Automation Services facilitate effortless document creation for law firms?
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Virtual Assistant: Role in Client’s Online Security & Privacy

How Virtual Assistants play a vital role in the Client’s online security and privacy

Case Audit Strategies for Improved Legal Performance

Take control of your legal performance with our case audit strategies and improved performance and successful resolutions.
Hiring Process

Hiring the Perfect Fit: 5 Secrets to Finding the Best Employees

Hiring Process: 5 Secrets to Finding and Hiring the Best Candidates to Successful Top Performing Employees

How Virtual Assistants Save You Money

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Medical Summary: 2023 Comprehensive Guide

A medical summary is an overview that summarizes a person's medical records. This includes diagnoses, treatments, medications, as well as relevant health information.
An intake specialist is speaking with a client.

Intake Process: Transactional to Transformational Customer Experience

The Intake Process is designed to collect fundamental information to initiate smooth and effectual interaction while ensuring that all essential information is acquired for further actions and decision-making. The Intake Specialist is the voice of the firm. 
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Why Legal Support Help

In 2018, Legal Support Help was established and is constantly setting standards in the legal and medical outsourcing field. LSH provides excellent customer service at affordable rates. 

Reasons Why You Need a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants will assist you with day to day tasks of your law firm or business. We can work remotely and virtually and we can help you streamline your organization by doing the following:

How to Work with a Virtual Assistant

There are various and creative ways on how to work with your VA. Our clients use ways such as Email, Skype, telephone, Google Hangouts, Whatsapp, Slack, screen share programs, screenshots, videos, tutorials, checklists, case management software, or any type of communication available.

Things to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

Our list of services showcase what we offer and what we suggest you outsource to your virtual assistant.

How Legal Support Help’s Personal Approach Works

We learn about your business needs and match you to a virtual assistant (VA) that specializes in the tasks that you are requesting. Not every person is good at everything. Perhaps someone is better at math-related tasks, design work, Microsoft Excel, etc. We screen the virtual assistants prior to them joining our team and we also provide them with paid training on administrative tasks for several weeks, prior to them working for your company. We work hard and smart to find a team of VA’s that’s the best fit for you.

How to use Virtual Assistants to get your work done

Legal Support Help assists law firms by providing them with outsourced virtual assistants who do administrative work. Everyday attorneys spend their time doing lower dollar-per-hour tasks that while necessary, are highly administrative and time-consuming. If they delegated these lower-level tasks rather than doing them themselves, they would free themselves up to work on higher-level tasks.

Why Lawyers Need Virtual Assistants

In the ALM Intelligence 2022 Mental Health and Substance Abuse Survey that was conducted among 3,400 respondents working in law firms – 35% stated that they feel depressed; 64% said that their relationships have suffered as a result of being a member of the legal profession;

How Virtual Assistants Get Work Done

In 1996, Anastacia Brice made a phone call with Thomas Leonard - a conversation they shared was then described as “virtual assistance”. Anastacia used the term for a new rising career where one works from home for an international client, she founded the first virtual assistant company in 1997 called “AssistU”.