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Hiring the Perfect Fit: 5 Secrets to Finding the Best Employees

Hiring and finding the perfect new hire is not just tedious, it is also expensive. This process is an investment in your company’s future, and you want to make sure you get it right. 

There are a few key ways to ensure that your firm hires only the best candidates rather than just okay ones. Putting the right person in the right seat is as critical as a person’s qualifications. Fortunately, there are a few ways to weed out bad employees before they even start training.

1. Rank Your Resumes

Hiring Process Online resumeWhen you have cultivated a successful company with desirable company culture, you will have plenty of applicants. You may even have more resumes coming in for job openings than you know what to do with. Make sure you know how to select the right candidate.

One of the best ways to organize incoming applications is to sort through the resumes and rank them from 1-10. In this system, 1 is the worst possible candidate and 10 is the best. Once you have provided a numerical grade for each resume, keep all the 9s and 10s for your consideration pool. You only want to hire from the best, so do not even consider hiring one of the lower numbers.

Save Higher Numbered Resumes for Later

Even after you have selected your next new hire’s resume, keep the old ones on file. Specifically, ensure to keep all the 9s and 10s that you did not hire in your records. You may want to keep them on file in case you have job openings in the future. Even if the applicant was hired elsewhere, You can always reach out if your firm has a need. 

Sometimes you may even receive applicants that do not fit a role you need right now. Do not dispose of their application and resume. If they are a 9 or a 10 for their qualifications, they could be a valuable asset later. Keep them on file for the future when you need someone for that position. 

Organizing your best applicants helps keep sorting through resumes an efficient process. Posting jobs on websites can cost hundreds of dollars a month. Keeping applicants organized keeps you cost-efficient.

2. Perform an Employee Check

Performan an Employee CheckAny time you hire new staff members, you want to check in on their online presence. Beginning with a cursory Google check is a great starting point. If there’s something on Google’s first few results, it is usually something significant. 

When you hire attorneys, however, you should proceed with extreme caution. Googling them is not enough. Always make sure to use background check websites, court websites, and state bar sites to vet potential employees. This will determine if your potential attorney hire has any issues within the legal system. If you fail to thoroughly vet potential attorneys, your firm could suffer. You could wind up with an employee who has a well-documented issue, for example, someone who has a drinking problem. That kind of issue could cost your firm millions of dollars. 

Of course, sometimes mistakes happen. Just because someone made a mistake once does not mean they should not get a chance at being hired. If the mistake is significant, like stealing from the company, it will affect your firm in the long run. Keep an eye out for massive red flags in a potential new employee. You do not want to hire someone toxic to your firm. 

Utilize Google

Once you have completed background checks for any new potential attorneys, then you should Google them. Instead of looking for personal issues, see if you can find client reviews of their service. Always check an attorney’s reviews on Google for any red flags. One of these might be that they were inefficient at updating their clients. An inefficient communicator will end up costing your firm’s bottom line.  

Reviews can also let you know if a potential new attorney has a bad attitude. If you end up hiring an attorney with a poor attitude, your firm’s online review scores will lower. Maintaining a successful online presence is critical to your firm’s outreach. You need to make sure that none of your employees are actively damaging your firm’s reputation.

3. Utilize Online Resume Resources

Utilize Online Resume Resources (1)Using online resume or application sites earns new eyes on your job postings until you find the right candidate. Indeed and ZipRecruiter are of particular help in this process as they both have AI that sorts through their resumes. AI algorithms regularly update as you choose applicants. Before long, the algorithm will learn your firm’s hiring preferences. 

If you find an applicant you like on either of those application websites, do not lose their paperwork. Download an additional resume, cover sheet, or any paperwork with their phone number and email for your files. By keeping your email and contact information organized, you can effectively save potential employees for later consideration. 

When you save potential candidates and keep them organized, you can save your firm money on advertising. Running ads are expensive and will affect your firm’s bottom line. Hiring headhunters will also drain your firm’s accounts. By saving the best candidates for later, you save your firm thousands of dollars in advertising costs.

4. Take Notes During Interviews

Interview Taking down notesOnce you find potential employees to interview, you will want to keep thorough notes. This includes taking notes on any interactions you have with the candidate even before their interview. If they follow up or reach out with questions and you think it’s relevant, make a note. Keeping all your notes in your email with their information lets your information stay organized and relevant. 

When it comes time, make sure that whoever handles your candidate interviews takes notes during the meeting as well. Was the potential hire late? Did they overshare or talk too much? Do they ask for too high a salary? Any notes can be valuable! They can help differentiate whether one employee is of higher quality or suits your firm better. Save the notes on their email along with their contact information for your files. You may want to contact them with future job offers.

5. Let Legal Support Help Assist You

Legal Support Help provides integral assistance during your firm’s hiring process. We work with potential candidates and match them with your firm’s needs. All of our candidates are thoroughly vetted and pro Legal Support Help provide quality, administrative services. We work with both potential employees and employers to maximize satisfaction. When you contact us, we will set you up with a Virtual Assistant who best meets your occupational needs. 

By making the most of these hiring techniques, you can find the best candidate for your firm. Legal Support Help has all the tools you need to find the right person for the right job! Contact us today and let us find your firm the perfect new candidate.