Legal Support Help

Why Lawyers Need Virtual Assistants

In the ALM Intelligence 2022 Mental Health and Substance Abuse Survey that was conducted among 3,400 respondents working in law firms – 35% stated that they feel depressed; 64% said that their relationships have suffered as a result of being a member of the legal profession; and factors that negatively impact the lawyers’ mental well-being are doing phone calls at all times, billable hour pressures, client demands, and lack of sleep. Read more here

Here’s how Legal Support Help Virtual Assistants help in improving the daily lives of lawyers:

  • Time-multiplier – Virtual Assistants act as an extra hand for lawyers in accomplishing admin tasks on time. By delegating tasks, lawyers will be able to focus on consultation, attending court hearings, negotiation, or things that matter more.
  • Multi-skilled – VAs can handle more than one task and can utilize different tools to increase efficiency. They are highly trainable in different areas of law such as personal injury, business, and family law.
  • Availability – VAs are flexible and can work in any timezone more than the traditional 8-5 working hours. 
  • Productivity – VAs can multi-task such as saving documents while waiting on long holds, and drafting and sending contracts while closing lead calls resulting in minimal to no idle hours. VAs can cover for you and accomplish more tasks while you are at meetings, and even on a vacation.
  • Overall Work-Life Balance – according to an article, delegating specific tasks to VAs can give you more time and energy to focus on the core mission of your business or firm. Allowing you the freedom to spend quality time with your loved ones, sleep more, work less, and serve your clients at a lower cost without compromising the quality of your service while increasing the value of your billable hours.