Legal Support Help
A lawyer having a meeting with her virtual assistants

Why Legal Support Help

In 2018, Legal Support Help was established and is constantly setting standards in the legal and medical outsourcing field. LSH provides excellent customer service at affordable rates. 

By making it easier for clients to delegate call handling and administrative tasks, LSH virtual assistants are able to help clients concentrate more on activities that can increase their billable hours and allow them to develop and expand their business faster.


Why Legal Support Help stands out from the rest?


  • Recruitment & Selection – to ensure that candidates are qualified and fit as virtual assistants, we employ a strict selection process.

  • Initial and final interview

  • Background investigation

  • New Hire Assessment

  • Computer and Internet speed audit

  • Continuous support and improvement – to achieve excellent satisfaction and long-term client-VA relationships each Virtual Assistant has a dedicated Supervisor that supports them throughout the client transition process, coaches them, and keeps track of their progress.

  • Training & internship – to ensure that the quality of virtual assistants is above the standard we implement a tried-and-true training methodology.

  • Virtual legal assistant course

  • Training at a Law firm

  • Upskill to learn specific skills, tools, and applications if needed.

  • Guarantee – to ensure our clients get the best deal possible without compromising service quality we have:

  • Price Match Guarantee

  • Replacement Guarantee